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Author Bio: Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

Former Chef with More Than 25 Years in New York Restaurants and Wine Business
Created BAR CICHETTI, the First Ever Venetian Wine Bar (Bacaro) in The United States
Chef / Wine DIrector / Managing Partner of Bar Cichetti
One of America’s Foremost Authorities of Italian Wine
Attended New York Technical College, Brooklyn, New York
Live and Write in Greenwich Village, New York

What inspires you to write?

Great Food and Wine, and the experiences of cooking and eating at the table with friends, family, loved ones, or business associates, whether at home, in a restaurant or wherever. Also, just the act of sitting at a cafe with coffee and computer, writing and creating is quite rewarding and gives me great pleasure and inspires me to write almost everyday.

Tell us about your writing process.

I generally always write in one of my local cafes. Hardly ever at home, where I do maybe jost 5% of my writing. I love being in a nice quiet cafe where I can sit down and bang things out. When I get an idea, I make an outline, which is the single most important tool for me. I get an idea, and make a number outline with ideas that make the building block for the theme of my book which is the idea. Once I have my outline, I go one-by-one, subject and sub-subject at a time. I just write and try not to edit to much as I am writing. It’s most important to get your thoguht, ideas, and concepts down on the paper (Computer) and not get boggled down editing, which you can do later, and is what I do. Saying this, it is not strict. Yes I am editing as I write, but don’t need to get to bogged down with it, as I can do it later.

When I wrote my first book La TAVOLA, I got the idea, which was to write a book that was along the lines of A Year In Provence (same Genre), but instead of being in Provence (South France) with French People and French Food & Wine, it would be in New York with Italian-American New Yorkers (myself, family, friends ..), with Italian Food, Wine, restaurants, Pork Stores, Caffes, etc .. I didn’t have A Year in Provence in mind, this is how I describe the book to people, as the book was greatly popular (millions of copies), and much loved. I had my idea, made my outline, I was excited, and inspired, I wrote almost every day, and with these things; the “Idea,” the Outline,” and “Inspiration,” the book pretty much wrote itself. Of course I had a half of a lifetime of experience (Worked in NY Restaurants for more than 25 yrs), and experiences to draw upon.

What advice would you give other writers?

Get inspired. Get an idea (just take a notebook and write down as many ideas as you can). Pick your, idea, get excited, “make an outline,” and write every day. Just, “Do it,” you can! Don’t let anyone tell you can’t .. Write, edit, publish, and promote.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I got an idea, I loved it, I did it, and I went for it.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?

I think a lot of great stories were lost over the years .. It was much harder to get a book published, to get an agent and publisher willing to publish you .. The process was quite dificult and it was akin to finding a “needle in a haystack” or hitting th Lottery .. It’s much easier today .. If you have the “will” there are many ways .. It’s a time for writers, but you can get lost in the “haystack.” Now it’s easier to get published, but not so easy to be seen (your work, your book) so besides writing you have to spend a good deal of time promoting your book (books) and yourself as a writer.

What genres do you write?
Cookbook, Food, Food Essays, Travel, Wine

What formats are your books in?

Both eBook and Print Amazon.com